Dietitian and Nutritionist Specializing in Menu Labeling
Danielle McCauley, RD
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Menu and Food Analysis Services

Danielle works with large and small food service businesses such as restaurants, catering companies, and other food industry leaders to analyze their menus and food items for nutritional content.

Menu and Food Nutrition Analysis Can Include:
Calorie, fat, and/or protein
Specific food allergens including gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, and eggs

Menu labeling will be required for most large food and restaurant chains (20 or more locations) in the near future and customers already expect it. Get ahead and start the process now.

If you are interested in providing your patrons with information regarding the nutrition content and potential food allergens of the food on your menu, please contact Danielle McCauley, RD.

Danielle McCauley, RD works with companies throught the United States, including Hawaii. Please
Contact Danielle McCauley, RD to discuss your nutrition needs and to receive an estimate for your project. 

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